TMA provides a uniquely adaptable environment, responsive to the changing needs of our client associations. 

While taking full advantage of the cost savings and economies-of- scale provided through the shared professional resources of TMA, your organization will be assured of: 

  • Organizational identity

  • Complete autonomy

  • Continuity of management and resources

  • Access to equipment and systems resources

  • Enhanced negotiating capabilities with major vendors

  • Professional, experienced and highly capable management and support staff

  • Access to nation-wide support services and resources

  • TMA's commitment to integrity, value and service

  • Flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs

Above all, TMA maintains a clear focus on helping your members become more successful, better informed, and, ultimately, more profitable.

The Working Relationship

Thompson Management Associates provides complete management and administrative oversight for professional trade associations, as well as project management for association activities including meeting and convention management, communications/publications and strategic planning.

Through affiliation with Thompson Management Associates, your organization will retain its identity, autonomy and control, while gaining experienced, professional management and administrative support, cost-effective services, expansion of membership benefits, services and programs, and enhanced opportunities for organizational growth and success. 

The identity and name recognition of the association is, at all times, maintained. All association communications, including correspondence, newsletters, emails, business cards, etc., will display the association's name and/or logo, and no reference to TMA is ever made when conducting association business. Absolute confidentiality and autonomy is maintained regarding association records, financial accounts and other files. The association's elected leadership retains complete and unrestricted access and control over all information maintained on its behalf. 

TMA clients utilize any or all of the services available on a shared-cost basis, depending on the association's needs and financial limitations. 

A fixed annual Management Services fee provides all of the necessary services that your organization may require, including: executive leadership; all staffing and employee benefits; office space; telephone receptionist; occupancy costs; accounting and data management services; membership development; program design and marketing; meeting management; etc.  All other expenses incurred by the association are paid directly through the association's checking account, with no additional mark-up applied. All fees and expenses are included in the association's annual operating budget, and are monitored on a monthly basis by staff and the association's finance committee or treasurer. 

TMA provides client associations with timely, accurate and complete financial, membership and program information and records in order to ensure full disclosure and complete accountability.